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THE POEM dedicated to SACC by Anupriya Kansal!

Let me be a superstar,

Let me spread my fragrance like a flower,

Let me make use of the opportunities,

After all what they are meant for.

Let me achieve what I desire,

Let me acquire what I aspire,

Let me be there at the top,

After all I'm having the talent you require.

Let me show what I've got,

Let me do it the way I've, thought,

Let me show you the way this time,

After all we don't lose a battle without being fought.

Let me show my talent to all,

Let me try and this time I won't fall,

Let me give it a shot,

After all I deserve a chance once and for all.

Time and tide wait for none,

Let me try and you think it's been done.

Thought process will continue until the goals are achieved at,

And the result would be to your liking because I'll do it just like that!

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