President's Message

President's Message

Entrepreneurship in India is changing landscapes with thousands of people taking entrepreneurial plunge every year. This combined with global venture capital flowing into Indian startups is just phenomenal. We saw 2021 as a marquee year in the Indian startup ecosystem with 44 startups achieving the unicorn status.

Mr. Manipal Dhariwal
Chapter President, SACC India

But there is an India beyond technology and sophisticated business conferences which is where the real grassroot problems are identified by the changemakers who want to be a part of the entrepreneurial wave.

SACC India is committed to identifying such changemakers and supporting them in all possible ways to strengthen nation building. We have been emphasising a lot on community building from the very day of our inception and with our team putting their tireless efforts for making it happen, the impact is quite heartening.

We want to take entrepreneurship to every nook and corner of the country so our youth is not directionless. The potential of the youth is enormous and we must create a support system for inspiring the generations to come.

SACC through its 5 startup incubators catered to thousands of students throughout the year physically and virtually despite tough circumstances of pandemic. Our 5 startup incubators across northern India offer state of the art facilities spread over a collective 15000 sq ft incubation space. In 2021, our incubated startups were able to collectively take a 3 fold growth in their revenue over the previous year i.e. 2020.

It is also truly inspiring to see that women make over 60% of the leadership across all our incubated startups which is much higher than the national average. I believe women are going to lead this wave of entrepreneurship in the times to come.

With our nation ready to take off for claiming the number one spot in the global startup ecosystem, we at SACC will keep striving hard to supercharge this growth. Please be a part of our community by following our work on social media and being a part of our physical/ virtual events.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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