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At SACC India we assist and guide aspiring entrepreneurs with all kinds of know-how related to government compliance, regulations, and procedures to establish new businesses. To know more, fill the form.

Orgnizing Startup Weekends in North India

A novel initiative for youngsters to keep in touch with their roots and have fun!

Supporting Incubators and Co-Working Spaces

SACC thrives to support through its network, initiatives that foster and nurture entrepreneurs, especially incubators, commercial as well as social. SACC conducts knowledge sharing events by engaging subject matter experts on various topics related to company formation, HR, finance, funding etc..

SACC Focus Areas:

Organizing Startup Weekend Programs

SACC is one of the official Organizing Partner of UP Global, that promotes entrepreneurship through its World renowned program, Startup Weekend. SACC role for SW’s is to establish and execute regular Startup Weekend Programs in various cities North of Delhi. Through this meaningful activity, SACC thrives to bring a stronger culture of, business Idea Generation, among students, Professionals, Startup's, entrepreneurs.

Startup Education Promotion

SACC Firmly believes in active knowledge sharing among the youth on entrepreneurship and the value of job creation for our Nation and society as a whole. It supports entrepreneurial knowledge distribution; through School-College connect events.

Promote Women in Entrepreneurship

SACC firmly believes that women in entrepreneurship bring a fine balance in the society, equal opportunity for Women and youth is extremely important. SACC on August 13th 2014 granted Life Membership to 10 enterprising women in the region.


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